Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Wee Word from an Absentee Author

What a whirlwind summer it's been so far here in the wilds (okay, we have wifi so it's not exactly tree-planting isolation) of Muskoka. This week I'm staring at Main Camp from the opposite side of the lake, tapping out an update while listening to our dish crew flipping through their playlist:  Shania Twain, something reminiscent of Casting Crowns and Taylor Swift, maybe? It's pretty quiet now, but I don't expect that to stick. Mini-Yo-We is never calm and tranquil very long while campers are nearby.

Through most of this season I've felt a tugging on my heart for city life... but moments like this? I am blessed to have called this place Home for so long. I'm ready to travel and explore, but I am comforted by how steady the rhythms are here. People come and go like a tide in Huntsville: in with the Spring, out with Autumn. The winters are still, the summers are chaos, the whole lot of it beautiful and precious and safe and pure. I love it here. I love the water that I am also mildly afraid of, and the snow that I will curse by February, and the furry little devils that eat through our food supplies. I love all the people I can't wait to escape from at the end of a very long day and the rain that makes the commute a little treacherous and all of the other things my Husband has to endure me griping about these days. I love it all. I just don't always remember that truth.

Every day has highlights and treasures. This morning I came early to make breakfast for a couple girls working in town during the day and volunteering here at Camp at night. They were running late, but with one look they managed to make my 6am arrival, car-stalling Tim Horton's stop and three hours of scone-making yesterday completely worth the effort. Their grateful faces (and subsequent encouraging text messages) lifted my weary spirit and helped me remember why I'm here: satisfy a physical need so that others can be freed and fuelled to tackle more spiritual demands.

...I have my fingers in the soul-feeding too, and my ongoing Curriculum Project now has a little home online. But for now it's back behind the apron. Chicken-broccoli casserole, anyone?

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