Monday, 5 May 2014


Somehow the last few months of planning since the proposal has evaporated and Ben and I are getting married THIS WEEK! I'm currently sitting outside of my bedroom where I have spent my morning thus far packing a big ol' suitcase for our mysterious honeymoon (Ben's very tight-lipped secret)! The little breather I'm granting myself feels simultaneously well earned and glutenous, like the reward of ice cream at the end of a hefty meal... it has been an absolute joy getting here, but I still feel like I need a little break! Making dozens of little decisions about font style and ribbon colour; organizing with others to tackle creative projects and mundane repetitive tasks alike; receiving and giving thanks for so many wonderful new things. There has been work involved, and a few tears on a few occasions (and many tears once or twice), but the whole experience has been the setting-up of a magic trick: focus on the delicate mechanisms so that everyone else can simply soak in the wonder of the final moment of prestige. The audience cheers, the crew smiles appreciatively and the magician and his lovely assistant take a bow on their behalf. That's kind of what I'm expecting on Saturday.