Saturday, 23 June 2012

Now THIS is Camp.

If we can ignore for the moment that I am scribbling this update post from my iPhone, I think this is an exactly perfect moment. I am alone in a cabin, curled up under my blankets between the bunk-bed railing and the slanted wooden roof. My starry skies tonight are the constellations of names above me: more names over more years than you could count on fingers and toes if every bed was full. Outside I can hear the murmuring of overlapping stories down the hill and the tell-tale clopping sounds of flip-flops against the bare rock path. The night is cool, but not quiet.

Thanks, God. You have snatched my breath away once more and filled me up with joy. Praise and worship. Selah.

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Darling, O Infatuation
Caught in your clich├ęd spell
A well-framed look, a splitting smile
My give-away, my tell

The moment I am free of you
Again you catch my eye
And whisper every honeyed word
With lips I can't deny

Darling, O Infatuation
How useless to protest
With heart and soul and mind so charmed
By the fruits of your unyielding quest

How laundered is this heart of mine
Sewn, sleeve after sleeve
Yet you take me arm in arm once more
And tempt me to believe

That darling, O Infatuation
This time you'll follow through
And lead me to a love divine,
Patient, faithful and true.