Friday, 5 July 2013

Oh, My Heart

Mini-Yo-We is flooded again, but not like it was in April. This time the tide has brought in a rather boisterous collection of cabin leaders, canoeing instructors, craft makers, carpenters (I'm sure we have a few of those kicking around), cooks, cleaning crews and some of those loud ones that I'm not sure what they are doing, but I can hear them from the other end of the property... in a basement... with a fan and printer running. Welcome to Camp.

I've been pretty isolated from the online world for the last few months, so for those of you who have announced a change in relationship status by merely posting it on Facebook, I'm likely out of the loop.

And speaking of status changes, let's jump to the most important bit of news in my life, and the reason that I thought it might be nice to open up and share a little something with you, whomever you are, as I print off another seventy-nine curriculum maps for Sunday morning. I am in love, and quite happy to brag.

Ben Ankenmann. I love him.

I am so proud to be this man's girl. Let me go a little stream-of-consciousness on you and try to explain some of why he is so incredible. Ben is an Old Testament style, Boaz impersonating worthy man; he is driven and hardworking, dependable, trustworthy, inclusive, attentive and cool; he is simultaneously bold and gentle, creative and steady, a source of wonder and of security; he is extremely respectful; he is affectionate; he is brilliant and smart and intelligent and clever and quick-witted, none of which are the same no matter what the thesaurus might tell you; he is generous and wise; he is mine. I admire him deeply, and dream openly about a life-long (and rather intimate) friendship with him. He is my favourite... and the crazy thing is, I'm his.

You will hear more about him in the stories to come, but for now I have a lot of photocopying in my future, and would like to have at least a few hours of sleep before I stand and stare at the old xerox machine for hours on end.

Good night, world.

Good night, Ben.

Sweet dreams.